Excel VBA Password Recovery Now In Easy Steps

Many times it happens that VBA developers use to work on ex-employees file but because of password protection usually the developer get struck with their work. So, if you are also struck in any such issue and are in need of some tool that can do the Excel VBA password recovery for old VBA file then get our advance VBA Password Recovery software. Software has the potential to recover password of any document of any Office version used for making of VBA project.

In the process of VBA password recovery, software does not disclose the existing password to user. On the other hand it generates a new password to existing VBA project file. So, suppose a user has kept a general password and use it to protect their entire document with the same password and concern about the discloser of it while doing the Excel VBA password recovery then or software will help them in two ways first keeping their general password secret and second helping them to access their inaccessible VBA file easily.

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The Interesting Features of Software Are

  • Unlock VBA password of any length
  • Read and Break dynamic password (Password having multiple characters like *, _, - etc.)
  • Do not do any modification in data formatting
  • Reset Excel VBA password and generate new password for VBA file
  • Supportive to work on all type and version of Microsoft Office
  • Supportive to all versions of Windows like Windows 8, 2007, Vista etc.

Get Demo Version of Software for Free

In-order to test the potential of software and to check how software recover Excel VBA password, you can get its free trial. The trial version has interface similar to full version and do the similar functioning. The only restriction that the user faces with trial version is software will remove the existing password from sample file and will first two characters of newly generated password instead of whole.